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What to look for in a Energiser ?

Druid 28LCD - 8 Joule (2 zone)WHAT TYPE AND SIZE ENERGISER ? 

It can be quite difficult to choose a single brand or model, as there are as many different available options.

Choice will be influenced by :

  • Power source -is mains power available, if not you will have to use a battery powered unit possibly with solar panel back-up 
  • Length and type of fence line to be powered -The longer the fence line the bigger the energiser.
  •  The type of animal to be controlled – Sheep require more power to control them than cattle (insulation of the wool) Wildlife also should be controlled using bigger energisers. Security energisers are generally smaller in size and power due to power output restriction (Compliance requirement)
  • Likely competition from vegetation – grass on the fence lines can cause a problem


This can also be quite difficult to determine as different manufactures use different criteria to promote their energiser’s capabilities. Comparing claims from various manufacturers must be conducted with great care to ensure that one is comparing apples to apples.

JVA Z28 2 Zone - 8 Joule energiserThings to look for

  • Do the units comply with the latest legislation
  • Voltage output -especially under different loads
  • Joule Rating -Stored or output joules?
  • Output Amperage
  • Pulse Shape – Pulse behaviour 

Good voltage can mean a good fence line, and not necessarily a powerful energiser. Under load the energiser can break down loose it’s power. Joule rating is a more accurate indication of an energisers capability.

As a general rule of thumb – one-joule output energy will power 10 km of fence wire. This will also depend on the material used (galvanised, aluminium, stainless steel) Materials such as aluminium, galvanised steel, and stainless steel have different levels of conductivity.

When designing a fence, you must take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Choosing the right energiser will depend on the length and type of wire and cable of the fence.

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