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What is a Energizer ?

An energizer is a device that converts alternating current or direct current into high voltage pulses. You can use either mains power or 12 Volt batteries as power sources. 

The power output of an energizer is measured in Joules. The output of an energiser is used to arm the electric fence system, this is what gives the shock whenever anything makes contact with one of the live lines. A CYCLIC WAVE shaped energiser ensures that maximum power is always maintained on the fence line. The entire process is similar to flushing a toilet. Water flows into the storage tank (capacitor) and when the valve is opened all the water rushes out at once.

What To Look For In An Energizer ?

  • A well-known brand
  • One that is certified to International Standards of Compliance
  • Modular construction for ease of service
  • That there is back-up service and spare parts are available.

Two of the top brands of energisers in South Africa are Nemtek and Stafix, which offer a 2 year warranty and excellent customer service.

Solar Powered Energizers

Solar powered energizers are ideal for remote areas without ESKOM power or where battery maintenance can be difficult. The solar panel converts the sun’s energy into electricity, which charges the batteries that power the energiser

Druid 28LCD - 8 Joule (2 zone)

What type and size Energizer?

Choosing one brand over another can be quite difficult as there are as many variations within one brand as there are between the many options available.

  • Power source – Is mains power available? If not, you will have to use a battery-powered unit, possibly with solar panel backup.
  • Length and type of fence line to be powered – The longer the fence line, the bigger the energizer.
  • The type of animal to be controlled – Sheep require more power to control them than cattle (insulation of the wool).
  • Wildlife also should be controlled using bigger energizers.
  • Likely competition from vegetation that can cause a strain on the smaller energisers

How far can an Energizer Power?

This will depend on a number of factors

  • The quality of the earthing (number, type, size and condition of spikes)
  • The quality of the insulators used (porcelain,
  • Impedance that can be caused by poor insulators
  • The type of wire used I resistance
    (galvanized , stainless steel, copper…)
  • The diameter of the wire used
  •  The wiring configuration (parallel vs. series /
  • Soil type, and condition of the soil (mineral
    content, moist or dry)
    Atmospheric conditions
    competition from vegetation (fence hygiene)
  • Bad connections. (line clamps)

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