The best security system is a layered system comprising various components providing the various functions. Alarm systems were developed primarily to provide protection for property when the owner was absent.

A property owners first line of defense would be a well installed electric fence but should this fail the next line of defense would be the roboguard which is a excellent early Warning System and is the best of its type that are available.

roboguardSurveillance systems are primarily intended to provide a visual record of the events but generally do not act as a warning system unless the cameras are being monitored or the owners have been alerted.

The Roboguard’s primary function is to warn the inhabitants of a residence of the presence of an intruder with sufficient time to allow the resident to respond proactively. They are designed to reverse the element of surprise from the intruder to the resident.

Roboguard systems include features such as portable panic buttons, siren driving capabilities and alarm interfacing. The universal transmitters and receivers allow you can integrate roboguard components with existing alarm systems or connect your existing security systems to your roboguard.