Every installation is different so there is not one price for electric fence per meter. When measuring and costing the price of electric fence installation needs to be take of a number factors that will effect the overall price;

  • Design of wall
  • Number of stepups
  • Number of corners
  • Layout design
  • Difficulties and time constraint for installation

Each electric fence installers will have their own way of costing a project but generally all installers will take into consideration the above. 

Often customers will opt for the cheapest quote but what normally happens is that the installer will take short cuts because they haven’t budget enough for brackets and other materials.

For example a standard wall may be straight and have no pillars and few corners, then brackets will be spaced every 3 meters.

If you take the same size property and add in a number of corners and stepups to the electric fence installation, then you need to double up on the brackets for the stepups and corners and often Pillars require a lot more brackets. On to of this you need extra tensioners stays etc which all have a direct impact on the price of the electric fence installtion.

We provide a 2 year warranty and a compliance certificate with all new installations. The Department of Labour is responsible for overseeing the compliance of electric fencing.

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