Electric Fence maintenance is essential for maintaining your security. People rarely buy a car without a maintenance plan, why should your electric fencing and security be any different?  You might think that your electric fence is working… but how do you really know… and are you willing to touch it to find out? Some of the issues for electric fence maintenance include;

  • Vegetation
  • Check earth spikes are connected
  • Broken insulator bobbins
  • Broken wires


Once an electric fence has been installed cannot be left to maintain itself. Compliance certificates require the owner or operator of the fence to ensure the fence is working properly at all times.

“Declaration by user or lessor
I declare that I am aware of my responsibilities in terms of regulation 12 of the Electrical Machinery Regulations and undertake to operate and maintain the electric fence system in a safe manner.”

To ensure that it works effectively Gauteng Electric Fencing  offer Monthly, Bi-monthly and Quarterly Electric Fence Maintenance Contract Agreements which will give peace of mind to the electric fence owner. We take the guessing out of your security, no longer do you think the fence is working correctly, you will know it is working correctly.  Your Electric fence is your first line of defense, not only is it is a deterrent, but also gives the would-be criminal a rather painful and very unpleasant high-voltage shock.

Electric Fence Maintenance Agreements include;

  • Call at site Monthly/ Bi-monthly/Quarterly
  • Remove all covers on and inspect equipment
  • Re-affix any item that has worked loose or broken off to ensure continued operation
  • Replace defective parts    (Cost of parts only)
  • Report to the customer any situation that will obviously result in damage to the fence, cause false alarms, and possibly jeopardise perimeter security. Make recommendations where appropriate
  • Clean posts and insulators when necessary
  • Record voltages on all wires
  • Check
    •    Grass and weeds touching the fence;
    •    Insulator damage;
    •    Broken or bent poles;
    •    Broken or sagging wires;
    •    Poor earthing systems;
    •    Tensioner Check
    •    Gate contacts
    •    for Corrosion Wires and Connectors
    •    Warning Signs
    •    external signalling devices such as sirens or lights associated with the fence security system


Before the Start of Contract

  • We will do a full Inspection a once off cost in order to confirm that, the Installation comply in accordance with regulation 12(4) and 13(1) of the Electric Machinery Regulations, 2011
  • We will issue of a Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance if the fence meets the above requirements
  • In case the fence need to be upgraded to comply with above, a full quote will be drafted and presented to Owner for his/her/Their approval

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