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Gauteng Electric Fence Maintenance

Electric Fencing Cost ?

There are a number of issues that can complicate the installation of new electric fencing Before a certified installer can provide an accurate estimate the cost of electric fencing, he or she must consider a number of factors. Check out our online store to see electric fence prices.

  1. electric fence warning signHeight and design of the wall on which the fence needs to be erected
  2. Type of fencing (wall top, standalone etc)
  3. Height of the fence to be erected. 
  4. Length and laying of HT cable in conduit. Is the any lifting concrete or other obstacles such as paving
  5. Number of zones required
  6. Smart installations such as networking energisers via LAN and wireless
  7. Difficulty in accessing the fence
  8. Length and laying of HT cable
    • Paving
    • Lifting concrete and other obstacles

Electric fences energisers


We supply a range of energisers which includes medium and high powered units. 

Materials such as aluminium, galvanised steel, and stainless steel have different levels of conductivity. When designing a fence, you must take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each material. 

Choosing the right energiser will depend on the length and type of wire and cable of the fence.

HT Cable

HT cables are designed to carry high voltage to and from areas where bare fencing fencing wires cannot be used. It is very important to use a high quality HT cable to prevent breakdowns, especially underground where the problem is difficult to locate and will be costly to replace.

HT cable should be placed in conduit and buried at least 300cm underground. Where there paving and/or concrete

HT cable for electric fences

Planning your electric fence installation

Evaluating the number of brackets and stays you will need for the electric fence.

The more steps, corners, or pillars you have in your installation, the more wall brackets you will need. Inexperienced installers typically make this mistake the first time they install electric fences.

  1. Electric fencingLength of the fence
    • Fencing brackets  should be mounted approximately every 3 meters. Brackets are installed to insulate the wires and the further apart the brackets are the easier it is to separate the wires.
  2. Amount of steps in the wall design
    • At every step in the wall the brackets should be doubled up. This will guarantee that intruders cannot enter the electric fence through any gaps.
  3. Number of pillars
    • Wall pillars that protrude from the wall should be wrapped with brackets to prevent intruders from getting a foothold on the wall.
  4. Number of corners
    • Two posts per corner should be used with one stay per post. One post/bracket will cause the wire to sag over time.
  5. Amount and types of gates
    • There is a need for two additional posts and extra posts for the steps down to the gate
  6. Stays
    • Stays keep electric fence brackets from bending inwards under tension. At every corner or change in direction of the wall, they should be placed no more than 50 meters apart.
  7. Tensioning
    • Every 50 meters and at every corner or change in direction of the wall, a tensioner should be installed to ensure adequate tensioning.
  8. Unusual problems
    • Every fence has its challenges when installing

Technical installations

Electric fences have progressed over the years, as well as ways of communicating and receiving notifications. We can now establish zones to communicate between energisers via wireless networks. All these kind of installations require experience and knowledge.


When building a fence around a large property, it must be divided into manageable sections so that when an alarm is triggered, it is easier to find the intrusion. Depending on the layout of the site, it may be better to use wireless network to establish the zones rather than installing HT cable, which comes with its own challenges.

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