We provide a complete range of innovative and intelligent electronic perimeter control systems. We supply the security industry with high quality products, which have been thoroughly tested in a competitive market.



Energizers Druid Wizard 4 Merlin 4 Merlin Stealth
Merlin Stealth
Merlin Stealth
Merlin Stealth
Merlin Stealth
 wizord-2-and-4-49-list  merlin-4-with-keypad-50-list  merlin-stealth-m15s-m18s-57-list  merlin-stealth-m15s-m18s-57-list  merlin-stealth-m25s-m28s-2-list  merlin-stealth-m25s-m28s-2-list  merlin-stealth-m25s-m28s-2-list
Typical output 2J 3.7J 3.7J 4.8J 7.6J 4.8J 7.6J 7.0J
Typical voltage 7400V 8000V 8000V 8500V 9300V 8500V 9300V 8400V
Typical voltage 6100V 7000V 7000V 5600V 7600V 5600V 7600V 5500V
Typical standby  time 24 hrs 36 hrs 24 hrs 5-6 hrs 8-9 hrs 6-8 hrs 5-8 hrs 7-8 hrs
Typical power consumption  17VA  18VA  16VA  27VA  23VA  27VA  25VA  32VA


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