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Electric Fencing


Electric Fence Installations

Gauteng Electric Fencing specialises in the business of security installations, including electric fences, CCTV, Alarms & Security Beams. Electric fencing has to be installed by a qualified installation. We have over 7 years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining electric fences.

New installations come with a 2 Year Warranty and a Compliance Certificate. Our suppliers Nemtek & Stafix are market leaders in electric fencing equipment.

Cost of a Electric Fence

There are a variety of factors that may increase the cost of the electric fence, including the number of corners and steps in order to close any gaps in the fence with electric fence brackets.

  • To close any gaps in the security fence with electric fence brackets, the number of corners and steps can double the cost of materials..
  • A perimeter wall’s design, height and complexity can cause it to cost more in material and labour..
  • The number of zones will play big part in the cost. Larger perimeter security fences should be divided into zones of 150 to 200 meters.
  • Does the Installation require a Solar Powered Electric Fencing

Electric Fence Maintenance & Repairs

wall top electric fence

Electric Fencing repairs and maintanance

Maintenance is essential for maintaining your security. People rarely buy a car without a maintenance plan, why should your electric fencing and security be any different?  You might think that your electric fence is working… but how do you really know… and are you willing to touch it to find out? 

Some of the issues for electric fence maintenance include;

  • Vegetation
  • Rust
  • Check earth spikes are connected
  • Broken insulator bobbins
  • Broken wires

Once an electric fence has been installed cannot be left to maintain itself. Compliance certificates require the owner or operator of the fence to ensure the fence is working properly at all times.

“Declaration by user or lessor
I declare that I am aware of my responsibilities in terms of regulation 12 of the Electrical Machinery Regulations and undertake to operate and safely maintain the electric fence system.”

Speak to us about about “Maintenance Service Agreements

Electric Fence Compliance Certificate

Gauteng Electric Fencing is fully registered and accredited in compliance with legislation as per Government Gazette No. 34154, published the 25 March 2011 and if you require an Electric Fence Compliance Certificate,  we can assist.

By law, all security fences installed in South Africa are required to be certified compliant. It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the fence as per compliance.

Before we issue the compliance certificate we will first do an inspection and if any repairs are required to get the fence compliant, we will first provide a quote free of charge.

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