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CCTV Security Cameras

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CCTV Cameras with Face Recognition and Human Detection

We now have software and analytics that can turn standard CCTV  Cameras into a highly effective detection and alert alarm system.

Instead of having someone watch your security cameras 24×7, we now have software that can do the same. CCTV prices have come down in recent times and NVR’s are no longer that more expensive than DVR Analogue security camera systems. 

Security cameras detect human movement

Security cameras can now detect human movement, which is a major benefit over security beams because vegetation and other obstacles can obstruct the effectiveness of these beams.

Have a look at how DDA VIDEO ANALYTICS new analytic software provided by Provision ISR. It allows CCTV camera systems to identify humans, two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles

Security cameras may also be equipped with face recognition software and other standard analytics like mapping and line crossing.

CCTV Camera Systems
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Smart camerasAnyone can make use of the information to study the people flow within an area, improve the use of space and take measures if occupancy levels exceed their set threshold. 

In COVID time, users can set occupancy thresholds that trigger actions such as loudspeaker automated voice messages, locking doors, and even real-time display updates that notify building managers that the area has reached its maximum allowed capacity. 

By knowing how many people are in a given area at any given time, users can analyze, maintain, and control occupancy numbers for health, marketing, or administrative reasons.

Have a look at out latest standalone IP camera

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Provision Nanny Cam
Provision Nanny Cam
Provision Nanny Cam

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