Gauteng Electric Fencing are proud installers of Electric Fence products distributed by Nemtek & Stafix. Nemtek & Stafix are the benchmark for the security electric fencing industry.

If you looking for electric fence installation, electric fence repairs or if you just need electric fence price or quote, look no further and contact us today.

We offer either;

  1. Wall top electric fencing is used to secure walls and fence structures preventing climbing over
  2. Free standing electric fencing or Anti-spread electric fencing is primarily used to secure large domestic & Industrial factory premises, Farms, smallholding’s and government installations.
  3. Compliance repairs to all electric fences

A electric fence installation acts as a 24-hour patrolman, patrolling the entire area every second. electric_fence_lessonsAs crime develops into a more violent threat, homeowners are forced to take more drastic measures in order to protect themselves and their properties.

A well designed electric fence installation is your first line of defense and offers extended reaction time to react against intruders attempting to enter your home.

Electric fencing can serve several purposes, including animal control or security. In agricultural / game fencing, it is the shock that deters the animal from putting further pressure on the fence line. The pressure from the shock received is short lived and does not physically damage / harm the animal, unlike barbed wire, which can cause severe cuts and permanent damage. In cases where livestock are forced through an electric fence due to veld fires or wild animals, the risk of injury is much lower than in the case of barbed wire fences.

Gauteng Electric Fencing operates around Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Our sister company Gauteng CCTV Security also provides peace of mind by protecting your perimeter fence through surveillance.

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