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A electric fence installation acts as a 24-hour patrolman, patrolling the entire area every second. As crime develops into a more violent threat, homeowners are forced to take more drastic measures in order to protect themselves and their properties.

A well designed and installed electric fence is your first line of defense can save  you time and money. Beams alert you once the intruder is in your property and CCTV is there for surveillance.

Warning: Be careful of poorly installed electric fences as they can easily be breached by criminals.


Gauteng Electric Fencing services include – Installations, repairs & compliance

  • Home Electric Fencing – when a physical barrier, such as a wall or a fence, is combined with an electric fence it will deter attempts to infiltrate the
    protected perimeter.
  • Commercial Security – Monitoring technology detects breaches in large complexes
  • Infrastructure Security – High security for critical infrastructure
  • Animal Management – Confine and protect stock
  • Equine & Pet – Protect and secure horses and pets
  • Game Fencing – Protection from predators and poachers
  • Repairs & COC – Electric fence repairs and compliance certificates

Our electric fence installers operate around Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our sister company Gauteng CCTV Security also provides peace of mind by protecting your perimeter fence through surveillance.

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