Gauteng Electric Fencing are leaders in the market and with over 5 years in business and have the experience to install a trouble free electric fence. We provide a 2 year warranty and a compliance certificate on all new electric fence installations on all our installations.

A well designed security fence is your first line of defense. We recommend a combination of all three as the most effective measure for protecting your property.

Our suppliers Nemtek and Stafix are leaders in the market and provide a quick turn around on repairs and maintenance for all their products.

Warning: Be careful of poorly installed fences as they can easily be breached by criminals.


Gauteng Electric Fencing services include – Installations, repairs & compliance

  • Home Security – it will deter attempts to break in.
  • Commercial Security – We can include monitoring technology to divide large installations into zones.
  • Infrastructure Security – Electric fencing for critical infrastructure
  • Animal Management – Confine and protect live stock
  • Equine & Pet – Used to protect and secure horses and pets
  • Game Fencing – Used to protect animals from predators and poachers
  • Repairs & COC – we do all repairs and compliance certificates for electric fence installations.

The Department of Labour of South Africa is responsible for the regulation of electric fence installations.

Our electric fence installers operate in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. If you need beams and CCTV please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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